CES 2024 Falls Short of AI Gadget Boom: Generative AI Faces Hurdles in Consumer Tech Adoption

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CES 2024 Falls Short of AI Gadget Boom: Generative AI Faces Hurdles in Consumer Tech Adoption

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Generative AI Takes a Back Seat at CES 2024: The Hype Meets Reality

The much-anticipated generative AI revolution, expected to dominate CES 2024, has hit a speed bump, leaving industry observers to predict that the grand entrance of AI-powered gadgets may be delayed for another year.

As the curtain lifted on this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the fevered enthusiasm surrounding generative AI failed to materialize in the form of groundbreaking gadgets. Despite high expectations, the technology that fueled the 2023 hype cycle, largely centered around large language models like ChatGPT, struggled to make its way into tangible consumer devices.

Just a year after the launch of ChatGPT in 2022, companies found themselves grappling with the complexities of translating the potential of large language models into physical gadgets. The excitement generated by the language models did not seamlessly transition into the realm of consumer electronics, leaving industry players acknowledging the challenges of bringing AI to life.

“We’re still trying to get it all to work,” commented Jay Goldberg, CEO of D2D Advisory. “You need the silicon and the software, and it’s only been a year since ChatGPT launched—people are still getting on board.”

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The subdued presence of generative AI devices at CES 2024 is an underwhelming start to a year when investors are keenly eyeing returns on the substantial investments poured into the highly touted generative AI sector. However, profitability in the burgeoning device sector remains uncertain. On the inaugural day of the trade show, AI gadget startup Humane announced a layoff of 10 employees ahead of the March launch date of its $699 AI-powered gadget, intended to replace smartphones, citing the need for restructuring.

Source – Reuters

While generative AI struggled to shine in gadget form, the automobile industry took strides in incorporating the technology. Volkswagen showcased vehicles featuring a voice assistant integrating ChatGPT’s technology, enabling drivers to listen to research content while on the road. However, challenges persisted, as ChatGPT demonstrated a tendency to produce inaccurate information, prompting Mercedes-Benz to introduce a virtual assistant cross-referencing data from Google for improved accuracy.

Source – The Hindu

Amid the tepid showing of generative AI in the gadget arena, the automobile industry demonstrated a willingness to embrace the technology. Volkswagen, for example, presented vehicles with a voice assistant incorporating ChatGPT’s technology, aiming to enable drivers to listen to research content while on the road. However, concerns regarding the reliability of ChatGPT’s information led Mercedes-Benz to implement a virtual assistant cross-checking data with Google for greater accuracy.

Although the generative AI revolution may have faced setbacks at CES 2024, industry experts remain optimistic about the future. Accenture analyst Syed Alam predicts that next year’s CES is likely to feature a plethora of gadgets and products incorporating various forms of generative AI. With additional time for development, both in hardware and software, companies are expected to overcome the hurdles and present a more robust showcase of AI-powered devices.

As the industry grapples with the challenges of translating the promise of generative AI into tangible consumer gadgets, the delayed arrival at CES 2024 serves as a reminder that groundbreaking innovations often require time and careful development before making their mark on the consumer electronics landscape.

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