Former Model Divya Pahuja’s Body Discovered in Haryana Canal a Day After Accused Confession

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Former Model Divya Pahuja’s Body Discovered in Haryana Canal a Day After Accused Confession

Source – The Mid Day

Tragic Discovery: Body of Ex-Model Divya Pahuja Found in Haryana Canal

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Gurugram Police has recovered the lifeless body of former model Divya Pahuja from a canal in Haryana’s Tohna. This somber development comes after Pahuja was allegedly murdered under suspicious circumstances at a hotel in Gurugram on January 2.

The recovery operation involved an extensive effort, with six teams of Gurugram Police dedicated to locating Pahuja’s body. Additionally, several teams from the Punjab police and a 25-member squad from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) were enlisted to contribute to the comprehensive search and recovery efforts.

The breakthrough in the case emerged when one of the accused, identified as Balraj Gill, provided crucial information to the police. Gill disclosed that he had disposed of Pahuja’s body in a canal in Haryana’s Tohna. Subsequently, a photo of the recovered body was shared with Pahuja’s family, who positively identified her.

source – The Indian Express

The shocking incident unfolded on January 2, when Divya Pahuja was captured on CCTV entering City Point Hotel in Gurugram alongside Abhijeet Singh, the hotel owner, and another individual. The trio proceeded to room number 111 around 4 am. Later that night, CCTV footage depicted Abhijeet and others dragging Divya Pahuja’s lifeless body.

The case took a swift turn as Gurugram Police promptly arrested three individuals, including Abhijeet Singh. The accused were apprehended in connection with the alleged murder that occurred within the premises of City Point Hotel.

Divya Pahuja’s family had been anxiously awaiting news regarding her whereabouts since the unfortunate incident. The recovery of her body brings a devastating conclusion to the anxious search, confirming their worst fears.

The involvement of multiple law enforcement agencies highlights the seriousness and complexity of the case. The Punjab police and NDRF collaborated seamlessly with Gurugram Police to retrieve the body from the canal in Haryana’s Tohna.

The detailed CCTV footage played a pivotal role in establishing the sequence of events leading to Pahuja’s tragic end. The visuals captured the ominous entry into the hotel, and later, the disturbing sight of individuals dragging her lifeless form.

While the investigations are ongoing, the motive behind Divya Pahuja’s murder remains unclear. The swift action by Gurugram Police in arresting the suspects provided some semblance of justice, but the discovery of her body has sent shockwaves through her family and the community.

As news of the recovery spreads, questions surrounding the circumstances of Pahuja’s murder and the subsequent disposal of her body intensify. The authorities are expected to delve deeper into the case to uncover the motives and connections that led to this tragic incident.

The City Point Hotel, where the alleged murder transpired, has become a focal point in the investigation. The role of each individual involved in the incident, as well as the events leading up to that fateful night, will be subject to scrutiny.

The community, gripped by the sudden and shocking nature of the crime, mourns the loss of Divya Pahuja. Her untimely demise has underscored the need for increased vigilance and security measures, especially within the hospitality sector, to prevent such tragic events from occurring in the future.

As the investigation progresses, the focus will shift towards achieving justice for Divya Pahuja and holding those responsible for her death accountable. The recovery of her body marks a crucial step in the inquiry, but the quest for answers continues, providing a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that persist in society.

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