Delhi Launches Email ID for Illegal Parking Complaints: MCD’s Initiative Targets Parking Menace

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Delhi Launches Email ID for Illegal Parking Complaints: MCD’s Initiative Targets Parking Menace

New Delhi: In a bid to curb the pervasive issue of illegal parking plaguing the city, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has launched a comprehensive initiative. Mayor Shelly Oberoi announced the launch of an email ID,, allowing residents to register complaints related to illegal parking in their areas. This move comes amidst mounting concerns over rampant unauthorized parking, contributing to traffic congestion and inconvenience for residents.

Delhi Launches Email ID for Illegal Parking Complaints MCD’s Initiative Targets Parking Menace


At a press conference held on Wednesday, Mayor Oberoi emphasized the necessity of community engagement in addressing the parking menace. “We have received numerous complaints regarding illegal parking in various parts of Delhi. To tackle this issue effectively, we urge residents to utilize the designated email ID to report instances of unauthorized parking and provide their valuable feedback and suggestions,” she stated.

The initiative targets 403 parking lots across 12 zones within the city, managed by contractors appointed by the MCD. These zones encompass key areas including south, central, Najafgarh, west, Sadar Paharganj, Karol Bagh, Civil Lines, Rohini, Keshavpuram, Shahdara south, and Shahdara north. Mayor Oberoi acknowledged the proliferation of illegal parking lots over the years, attributing them to causing disruptions and exacerbating traffic congestion.

“In our endeavor to combat the parking mafia and enhance revenue collection, it is imperative to foster collaboration with the public,” Mayor Oberoi affirmed. The move underscores the commitment of the MCD towards ensuring better parking facilities, a key electoral promise made by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

However, opposition voices have raised concerns over the effectiveness of the MCD’s measures. Raja Iqbal Singh, Leader of Opposition and BJP councillor, criticized the MCD’s management, alleging that illegal parking has thrived under the AAP-led corporation’s watch. “The proliferation of illegal parking lots, often operated by AAP party workers, reflects the failure of the civic body to address this pressing issue,” Singh remarked.

Echoing similar sentiments, Delhi BJP Spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor expressed skepticism regarding the timing of Mayor Oberoi’s announcement. “It is perplexing that the Mayor has only now acknowledged the widespread prevalence of illegal parking, especially considering the longstanding complaints from residents,” Kapoor asserted.

In light of these concerns, the launch of the email ID for complaints marks a crucial step towards engaging citizens in the fight against illegal parking. However, the efficacy of the initiative remains contingent upon swift and decisive action by the MCD to address reported cases and crack down on the parking mafia.

FAQ: Delhi Launches Email ID for Illegal Parking Complaints: MCD’s Initiative Targets Parking Menace

Q: How can residents register complaints regarding illegal parking? A: Residents can register complaints by sending an email to detailing instances of unauthorized parking in their areas.

Q: What areas does the MCD’s initiative target? A: The initiative targets 403 parking lots spread across 12 zones within Delhi, including prominent areas such as south, central, Najafgarh, Karol Bagh, and Shahdara.

Q: What is the aim of the initiative? A: The initiative aims to combat illegal parking, alleviate traffic congestion, and enhance revenue collection for the MCD. Additionally, it seeks to fulfill the electoral promise of providing better parking facilities made by the AAP.

Q: How will the MCD address concerns raised by residents? A: The MCD has pledged to work in coordination with the public to address complaints regarding illegal parking. Residents’ feedback and suggestions will be considered in devising effective solutions to tackle the parking menace.

Q: What steps will be taken to curb the influence of the parking mafia? A: The MCD intends to take decisive measures to eliminate the parking mafia, including stringent enforcement actions and cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

Table: Parking Lots Distribution Across Zones

Zone Number of Parking Lots
South 53
Central 59
Najafgarh 12
West 25
Sadar Paharganj 41
Karol Bagh 59
Civil Lines 10
Rohini 21
Keshavpuram 26
Shahdara South 64
Shahdara North 33

This table illustrates the distribution of parking lots across various zones within Delhi, indicating the scope of the MCD’s initiative to combat illegal parking.

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