India’s External Affairs Minister Addresses Diplomatic Challenges, Emphasizes Strong Global Connections

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India’s External Affairs Minister Addresses Diplomatic Challenges, Emphasizes Strong Global Connections (‘India Won’t Be Supported By…’: Jaishankar’s Response on Diplomatic Row With Maldives)

Source The Times of India

In response to questions regarding the recent diplomatic row with the Maldives, India’s External Affairs Minister (EAM), S. Jaishankar, highlighted the complexities of international politics while emphasizing India’s successful efforts in building robust global connections over the past decade.

Addressing the issue, Jaishankar acknowledged the nuances of political dynamics, stating, “Politics is politics. I cannot guarantee that in every country, every day, everybody will support us or agree with us.” He went on to underscore India’s consistent commitment to building strong connections on the global stage.

When discussing India’s diplomatic strategy, Jaishankar emphasized the government’s focus on fostering positive sentiments among people in various nations. Despite the inevitable ebbs and flows of political relations, the minister highlighted the success of India’s approach in garnering support and understanding among people across the globe.

“Politics may go up and down, but the people of that nation generally have good feelings towards India and understand the importance of having good relations,” Jaishankar stated during the interaction, underscoring the resilience of India’s diplomatic efforts in maintaining amicable ties.

The recent diplomatic discord between India and the Maldives originated from derogatory remarks made by three Maldivian leaders against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The comments, critical of Modi’s visit to the Lakshadweep Islands, resulted in a political storm in India, leading to the suspension of all three Maldivian ministers. India condemned the remarks and registered a strong protest by summoning the Maldivian envoy.

Jaishankar’s comments reflect India’s broader diplomatic strategy of navigating political challenges while emphasizing the enduring importance of building and sustaining positive relationships with nations around the world.

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