IndiGo Adjusts Flight Schedules Due to Republic Day Parade curbs

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IndiGo Adjusts Flight Schedules Due to Republic Day Parade Airspace Restrictions

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In preparation for the Republic Day parade, IndiGo, the country’s largest airline, has announced rescheduling and cancellations of some flights around the Delhi airport. The adjustments come in response to airspace restrictions imposed from January 19 to January 26, primarily due to flypast rehearsals for the Republic Day parade.

The airspace restrictions will lead to a temporary halt in flight arrivals and departures at the Delhi airport from 10.20 am to 12.45 pm each day until January 26. The Republic Day preparations and celebrations necessitate these measures to ensure the smooth conduct of flypast rehearsals.

IndiGo, in a statement, acknowledged the impact of these restrictions on its flight operations. Passengers affected by the rescheduling and cancellations have been duly informed of the changes to their flight status. The airline has also provided affected passengers with alternative options or the choice of a refund.

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While specific details regarding the number of flights affected were not immediately available, IndiGo, which operates around 1,800 flights daily, has taken proactive steps to minimize disruptions. The adjustments to flight schedules aim to navigate the airspace constraints and facilitate the timely and safe conduct of Republic Day-related activities.

The Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) in Delhi, being the largest airport in the country, handles approximately 1,300 flights daily. The temporary airspace restrictions are a standard protocol during significant events like the Republic Day parade to ensure the security and success of the celebrations. IndiGo’s swift response reflects the airline’s commitment to passenger communication and operational efficiency during such exceptional circumstances.

Republic Day curbs at Delhi airport Flights Face Disruption as IAF Prepares

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New Delhi, January 24, 2024

The skies over Delhi are set to experience turbulence as the Indian Air Force (IAF) gears up for Republic Day parade flypast rehearsals, leading to the cancellation of over 700 flights between January 19 and 26. Airlines such as IndiGo and Vistara have taken a significant hit, with an estimated total of 500 cancellations, exacerbating concerns amid dense fog in the region during this period.

A revised Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) issued on Friday revealed a temporary suspension of flight operations at Delhi Airport between 10:20 am to 12:45 pm (IST) from January 19 to 26. This annual restriction is imposed for flypast rehearsals associated with the Republic Day parade.

While Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) did not provide specific figures, airlines suggest that the total number of cancellations could surpass 700. IndiGo, India’s largest airline, reportedly cancelled 35-40 flights daily, accounting for around 300 cancellations during this period. Vistara is said to have cancelled approximately 25 flights daily, contributing another 200 cancellations. Combined with other airlines, the cumulative figure of cancellations is expected to reach 700.

In addition to the flight cancellations, the possibility of dense fog in Delhi during these days could further compound delays. Typically, on foggy days, aircraft movements resume late in the morning at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), addressing the backlog of delayed and diverted flights until late evening when visibility decreases again. However, the current restrictions mean that almost 2.5 hours of flight movement in typically favorable visibility conditions will not be permitted until January 26.

IndiGo acknowledged the impact of flypast rehearsals on its operations, stating, “Due to flypast rehearsals for the Republic Day parade, airspace restrictions have been imposed around Delhi airport from Jan 19-26. Consequently, rescheduling and cancellations of some IndiGo flights during these dates have been carried out. Passengers on impacted flights have been informed of the change in status and have been offered alternate options or refunds.”

An earlier NOTAM issued on January 16 had initially restricted non-scheduled flights, primarily charters, at Delhi Airport from 10 am to 1:15 pm on January 19-25. The subsequent NOTAM issued by the Airports Authority of India now extends the impact to scheduled flights, raising concerns among passengers and airlines alike.

If you have a flight scheduled in and out of Delhi during this period, it is advisable to check with the respective airline for real-time updates on flight status before heading to the airport, as advised by airline officials. The Republic Day airspace curbs are likely to significantly impact air travel during these days, prompting passengers to stay informed and make necessary adjustments to their travel plans.



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