IndiGo Pilot Assaulted: Flier Slaps Pilot After 13-Hour Delay, Incident Prompts Police Complaint

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IndiGo Pilot Assaulted: Flier Slaps Pilot After 13-Hour Delay, Incident Prompts Police Complaint

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IndiGo Pilot Assaulted: Passenger Slaps Co-Captain After 13-Hour Delay, Sparks Outrage

New Delhi: An alarming incident unfolded on an IndiGo flight (6E-2175) from Delhi to Goa when a passenger physically assaulted the aircraft’s co-captain, Anup Kumar. The shocking incident, captured on video, has gone viral on social media, raising concerns about passenger behavior and aviation security.

The episode occurred as the flight faced significant delays due to fog, a common weather challenge during this season. The passenger involved has been identified as Sahil Kataria and was arrested following the assault. He was later released on bail.

In the video footage, Sahil Kataria, wearing a yellow hoodie, is seen rushing from the last row of the plane and striking the co-captain, who had been addressing passengers about the delays caused by adverse weather conditions. The flight’s original crew had been replaced by Anup Kumar due to Flight Duty Time Limitations (FDTL) after several hours of delay.

FDTL regulations are in place to ensure the well-being of pilots and flight attendants by mandating adequate rest periods, addressing fatigue-related safety concerns. The Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) oversees the implementation of FDTL norms.

Passengers and social media users expressed strong condemnation of the assault, emphasizing the unjust nature of targeting the pilot and cabin crew for delays beyond their control. Calls were made to place Sahil Kataria on a No Fly List and to take legal action against him for assault.

“What does the pilot or cabin crew have to do with the delay? They were just doing their job. Arrest this man, and put him on the no-fly list. Publish his picture so people are aware of his bad temper in public,” demanded a user on social media.

Another user insisted, “This person should be booked for assault as well as put on a No Fly List. While @IndiGo6E is in the news for all the wrong reasons and must be taken to task for its shortcomings, but this is totally unacceptable passenger behavior.”

The incident adds to the challenges faced by airlines operating at the Delhi airport, which witnessed significant disruptions, including delays and cancellations affecting numerous flights. Adverse weather conditions, particularly dense fog, contributed to these disruptions, leading to widespread frustration among passengers.

Major airlines such as IndiGo, SpiceJet, and Vistara had issued warnings about the potential impact of ongoing bad weather conditions in Delhi and Kolkata on flight schedules. The average delay for flights operating in and out of Delhi reached 50 minutes, exacerbating the inconvenience for travelers already grappling with extensive flight disruptions.

The incident raises questions about passenger discipline and the need for enhanced security measures to safeguard airline crew members. Authorities are expected to conduct a thorough investigation into the assault, with potential legal consequences for the passenger involved.

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