Delhi Municipal Corporation Stands Firm: No Deadline Extension for Property Geotagging Despite Glitches

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Delhi Municipal Corporation Stands Firm: No Deadline Extension for Property Geotagging Despite Glitches


No Deadline Extension for Property Geotagging: MCD

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Delhi Municipal Corporation Stands Firm: No Deadline Extension for Property Geotagging Despite Glitches


New Delhi: The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has reiterated that there will be no extension to the deadline for availing the 10% rebate on property tax, despite some residents experiencing glitches during the property geotagging process. With over two lakh taxpayers having already geotagged their properties using the MCD mobile app, the corporation assures that all technical issues have been addressed, including those encountered by iOS users.

In a public notice issued on Tuesday, the MCD emphasized that the deadline of February 29 remains unchanged for taxpayers intending to benefit from the rebate. The notice further clarified that the glitches previously encountered, particularly by iPhone users, have been resolved, enabling a smooth operation of the Unified Mobile App (UMA) on both Android and iOS platforms.

“We have observed a significant number of taxpayers utilizing iPhones for geotagging, and we have ensured that the app functions seamlessly on both Android and iOS systems,” stated an MCD official. “We anticipate heavy traffic on the app in the coming days, and we are prepared to provide assistance and support to taxpayers.”

As of Tuesday, approximately 2.25 lakh taxpayers have successfully geotagged their properties. The MCD urges taxpayers to take advantage of the 10% rebate by making advance payments of their property taxes for the fiscal year 2024-25. Additionally, those who have not yet filed their taxes for the current fiscal year 2023-24 are advised to do so before March 31.

Despite the corporation’s efforts to rectify technical issues, some residents are still encountering difficulties. Sanjay Rana, General Secretary of GK-II Residents Welfare Association (RWA), shared his experience of attempting to verify property information on his iPhone, only to find that his property remained untagged.

“Although I was able to log in smoothly using the OTP, my property status remained unchanged,” Rana explained. Similar concerns were voiced by SB Singh, President of Lajpat Nagar III RWA, who initially geotagged his property using an Android device but faced challenges when accessing the information on his iPhone.

However, there are success stories as well. Ashok Aggarwal of Safdarjung Enclave managed to geotag his property seamlessly using his iPhone. To assist residents in navigating the process, several RWAs have organized demonstrations and provided support staff. Some associations have even purchased Android phones to facilitate geotagging for those in need.

PK Paul of East Bengal Displaced Persons’ Association, CR Park, highlighted their efforts in conducting sessions for residents, particularly iPhone users. Despite these initiatives, there are still numerous queries left unresolved, prompting calls for an extension of the deadline by residents’ associations.

The MCD assures that it will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide necessary support to taxpayers. As the deadline approaches, residents are encouraged to utilize the available resources and complete the geotagging process to avail themselves of the rebate.

FAQ: No Deadline Extension for Property Geotagging

1. What is property geotagging? Property geotagging involves associating geographical coordinates with a property’s location, typically using GPS technology. In the context of the MCD mobile app, it enables taxpayers to accurately identify and register their properties for tax purposes.

2. How does property geotagging benefit taxpayers? Geotagging ensures the accurate identification and assessment of properties for taxation purposes. It also facilitates better management and planning of urban infrastructure by local authorities.

3. Why is the MCD offering a rebate for property tax? Offering a rebate incentivizes taxpayers to make advance payments of their property taxes, thereby ensuring a steady flow of revenue for the municipality. It also encourages compliance with tax regulations.

4. What should I do if I encounter technical issues with the MCD mobile app? If you experience any technical difficulties while using the MCD mobile app, you can reach out to the corporation’s support team for assistance. They will guide you through the troubleshooting process and ensure a smooth experience.

5. Is there a deadline for property geotagging? Yes, the MCD has set a deadline for property geotagging to avail the 10% rebate on property tax. Taxpayers are advised to complete the geotagging process before the specified deadline to benefit from the rebate.

Table: Summary of Property Geotagging Progress

Date Number of Taxpayers Geotagged Total Property Tax Submissions
Till Date 2.25 lakh 11.4 lakh
2022-23 13.3 lakh

(Data accurate as of February 29, 2024)

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