Padma Awards 2024: Celebrating Excellence in Diverse Fields Check list of Padma Shri

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Padma Awards 2024: Celebrating Excellence in Diverse Fields Check list of Padma Shri

In a momentous announcement on the eve of Republic Day, the Padma Awards for 2024 were revealed, recognizing individuals for their exceptional contributions across various domains. The Padma Awards, comprising Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan, and Padma Shri, stand as prestigious accolades, honoring outstanding achievements in diverse fields. Instituted in 1954, these awards hold a special place as some of the highest civilian honors in India.

Padma Shri Awardees – A Glimpse of Excellence:

Parbati Baruah: Breaking stereotypes as India’s first female elephant mahout.

Jageshwar Yadav: Dedicated tribal welfare worker uplifting marginalized communities.

Chami Murmu: Tribal environmentalist and advocate for women’s empowerment.

Gurvinder Singh: Divyang social worker championing the cause of the homeless and destitute.

Sathyanarayana Beleri: Guardian of paddy crop, preserving over 650 traditional rice varieties.

Sangthankima: Social worker running Mizoram’s largest orphanage ‘Thutak Nunpuitu Team.’

Hemchand Manjhi: Traditional medicinal practitioner providing affordable healthcare for over 5 decades.

Dukhu Majhi: Tribal environmentalist contributing to environmental conservation.

K Chellammal: Organic Farmer from South Andaman, known for a 10-acre organic farm.

Yanung Jamoh Lego: Herbal medicine expert providing medical care and education.

Somanna: Tribal welfare worker tirelessly working for the upliftment of Jenu Kuruba tribe.

Sarbeswar Basumatary: Tribal farmer successfully adopting mixed integrated farming.

Prema Dhanraj: Plastic (reconstructive) surgeon dedicated to burn victims’ care and rehabilitation.

Uday Vishwanath Deshpande: International Mallakhamb coach contributing to the sport’s global revival.

Yazdi Maneksha Italia: Renowned microbiologist pioneering India’s Sickle Cell Anemia Control Program.

Shanti Devi Paswan & Shivan Paswan: Godna painters overcoming social stigma, exhibiting globally.

Ratan Kahar: Bhadu folk singer from Birbhum devoted to folk music for over 60 years.

Ashok Kumar Biswas: Prolific Tikuli painter credited for reviving Mauryan era artform.

Balakrishnan Sadanam Puthiya Veetil: Kalluvazhi Kathakali Dancer promoting Indian traditions globally.

Uma Maheshwari D: First female Harikatha Exponent showcasing skill in Sanskrit recitation.

Gopinath Swain: Krishna Leela Singer dedicated to preserving and promoting the tradition.

Smriti Rekha Chakma: Chakma Loinloom Shawl Weaver promoting natural dyes and traditional designs.

Omprakash Sharma: Mach Theatre Artist promoting the 200-year-old traditional dance drama of Malwa.

Narayanan EP: Veteran Theyyam Folk Dancer mastering dance, costume designing, and face painting.

Bhagabat Padhan: Exponent of Sabda Nrutya folk dance extending the art form beyond temples.

Sanatan Rudra Pal: Distinguished sculptor preserving and promoting traditional art, specializing in Sabeki Durga idols.

Badrappan M: Exponent of Valli Oyil Kummi Folk Dance promoting stories of deities.

Jordan Lepcha: Bamboo Craftsman nurturing the cultural heritage of Lepcha tribe.

Machihan Sasa: Longpi potter preserving ancient Manipuri traditional pottery for 5 decades.

Gaddam Sammaiah: Eminent Chindu Yakshaganam theatre artist captivating audiences for over 5 decades.

Jankilal: Behrupiya artist mastering the fading art form for over 6 decades.

Dasari Kondappa: Third-generation Burra Veena player dedicated to preserving the art form.

Babu Ram Yadav: Brass Marori craftsperson creating intricate brass artifacts for over 6 decades.

A Celebration of Excellence:

The Padma Awards 2024 showcase a diverse array of talents and contributions, honoring individuals who have left an indelible mark on society. These awardees represent the spirit of excellence and dedication across various fields, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of India. As the nation celebrates their achievements, the Padma Awards continue to inspire and recognize exceptional service and talent.

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