RepublicDay2024 Full Schedule : (Delhi Celebration, Chief Guest Macron ,Parade Highlights, Security Measures, Cultural Events)

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RepublicDay2024 Full Schedule : (Delhi Celebration, Chief Guest Macron ,Parade Highlights, Security Measures, Cultural Events)

Republic Day 2024: A Grand Celebration Unveiled in New Delhi

As the dawn of January 26, 2024, approaches, New Delhi is gearing up for a spectacular Republic Day celebration that promises to be a blend of tradition, security vigilance, and cultural richness. With Deputy Commissioner of Police Devesh Kumar Mahla at the helm, overseeing a deployment of over 8,000 security personnel and employing cutting-edge measures, the city is set to host a memorable event that encapsulates the spirit of unity, diversity, and progress.

Security Vigilance and Tradition Unveiled

New Delhi’s preparations for Republic Day go beyond the ceremonial aspects, with a strong emphasis on security. Over 8,000 security personnel are strategically deployed across the city, ensuring a safe and secure environment for the festivities. The integration of cutting-edge technology further underscores the commitment to hosting an event that not only celebrates the nation’s pride but also prioritizes the safety of its citizens. Deputy Commissioner of Police Devesh Kumar Mahla’s vigilant oversight adds an extra layer of assurance, highlighting the significance of Republic Day as a symbol of national pride and unity.

Chief Guest: President Emmanuel Macron of France

Adding an international touch to the celebrations, President Emmanuel Macron of France is poised to be the Chief Guest for Republic Day 2024. This diplomatic gesture underlines the global significance of India’s Republic Day celebration and fosters unity while strengthening diplomatic ties. The presence of President Macron is expected to elevate the event, bringing together leaders from various countries to celebrate the democratic ethos and shared values.

Republic Day Schedule Unveiled

The schedule for Republic Day 2024 is meticulously planned, ensuring a seamless and awe-inspiring experience for the participants and spectators.

7:30 am – Unveiling of National Pride

The day commences with the unfurling of the national flag, a momentous occasion resonating with the national anthem. This symbolic act serves as a powerful expression of unity and patriotism, setting the tone for the day’s festivities.

9:30-10:00 am – Dignitary Arrival and Grand Welcome

President Emmanuel Macron, the Chief Guest, receives a ceremonial welcome, marking a significant diplomatic moment during the Republic Day celebrations. The arrival of distinguished guests adds an element of grandeur and international camaraderie to the event.

10:30 am – Spectacular Parade Commencement

The main event unfolds with the commencement of the Republic Day parade at 10:30 AM. This spectacle of precision and pageantry showcases India’s rich heritage and diverse cultural tapestry. The parade is a visual representation of the country’s progress, featuring vibrant tableaux representing the cultural and developmental accomplishments of each Indian state.

Following the parade, the afternoon is dedicated to a captivating display of cultural programs celebrating India’s artistic diversity. Simultaneously, the military prowess of the nation takes center stage, with demonstrations highlighting its strength and preparedness.

Key Highlights of Republic Day 2024


The chosen themes for Republic Day 2024, “Viksit Bharat” (Developed India) and “Bharat – Loktantra ki Matruka” (India – Mother of Democracy), embody the nation’s aspirations and democratic ethos. These themes underscore the commitment to progress and the democratic principles that form the foundation of the country.

Parade Route and Diverse Showcase

The parade route, stretching from Vijay Chowk to Kartavya Path, symbolizes the nation’s progress. The parade’s diverse showcase includes vibrant tableaux representing the cultural and developmental achievements of each Indian state. This adds a touch of grandeur and highlights the unity in diversity that defines India.

Aerial Show by Indian Air Force

The Republic Day celebrations reach new heights with a breathtaking flypast by the Indian Air Force, showcasing the nation’s air prowess. This visual spectacle is a testament to India’s technological advancements and capabilities in the aerospace domain.

How to Attend Republic Day Events

For those eager to witness the celebrations in person, the Ministry of Defence’s official website provides a convenient platform for purchasing tickets online. Attendees can select their desired event, provide necessary details for verification, and receive a confirmation email and SMS with a QR code for entry.

E-invitation and E-ticket

This year, invitations to dignitaries were issued electronically, enhancing security and enabling people from across the country to attend. The increased number of public seats, with tickets available on, ensures a broader participation, allowing more citizens to be part of the historic celebration.

Park & Ride and Metro Facility

To facilitate easy access for the public, free Park & Ride and Metro Facility will be provided. Metro services will be operational on January 26, 2024, starting from 0400 hrs, ensuring a smooth commute for attendees.

Additional Republic Day Events

In addition to the main celebration, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will host the At-Home Function on January 24, 2024, providing an opportunity to meet various participants of the Republic Day celebrations. The PM’s NCC Rally is scheduled for January 27, 2024, and the Beating Retreat ceremony on January 29, 2024, will mark the culmination of the 75th Republic Day celebrations.

In a unique initiative to engage citizens, an online competition will be hosted on MyGov, allowing people to sing or play Indian tunes that highlight the sacrifices and patriotism of soldiers. Rewards for the top entries add an interactive and inclusive element to the Republic Day festivities.


As the nation eagerly awaits the grand celebration, Republic Day 2024 promises to be a historic and inclusive event, embodying the essence of India’s unity, diversity, and progress. The Chief Guests over the years have added diplomatic significance to the occasion, and President Emmanuel Macron’s presence in 2024 reflects the continued strengthening of global ties. The meticulous planning, focus on security, and the diverse array of cultural and military showcases make this Republic Day a symbol of national pride and a testament to India’s journey towards development and democracy.

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