Western Nations Suspend UNRWA Funding, Drawing Criticism from Palestinians (Palestinians lost nation)

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Western Nations Suspend UNRWA Funding, Drawing Criticism from Palestinians
Western Nations Suspend UNRWA Funding, Drawing Criticism from Palestinians :- Aljazeera


Western Nations Suspend UNRWA Funding, Drawing Criticism from Palestinians

In a move that has sparked controversy and criticism, several Western nations, including Australia, Germany, the UK, and the US, have decided to suspend their funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). This decision comes in the wake of allegations by Israel that some UNRWA staff members were involved in the October 7 attacks attributed to Hamas.

The UNRWA(Western Nations Suspend UNRWA Funding)

The UNRWA, responsible for providing crucial aid and support to Palestinian refugees, expressed shock and concern over the suspension of funds. UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini stated that the decision poses a significant threat to humanitarian work in the region, particularly in Gaza. He urged the countries that have frozen funding to reconsider their decisions, emphasizing the potential risk of mass starvation in Gaza.

Palestinian officials, including top representatives of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and the militant group Hamas, have strongly criticized the decision. PLO Secretary General Hussein al-Sheikh pointed out that, considering the ongoing aggression against the Palestinian people, maximum support for international organizations like UNRWA is crucial. He called for an immediate reversal of the funding suspension, emphasizing the political and humanitarian risks involved.

Australia, Canada, Italy, and the United States were among the first to announce the halt of funding to UNRWA. The European Union (EU) also weighed in, with foreign policy chief Josep Borrell stating that the bloc would assess further steps based on the results of a full and comprehensive investigation into the allegations.

Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom later joined the list of countries temporarily pausing financial aid to UNRWA. The agency’s facilities, which serve as shelters for displaced Palestinians, have been repeatedly targeted in Israeli air raids.(Western Nations Suspend UNRWA Funding)


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In response to the allegations of UNRWA staff involvement in the October 7 attacks, Hamas criticized Israeli “threats” against the agency. The group urged the UN and international organizations not to succumb to what they described as threats and blackmail from Israel.


UNRWA, in an effort to address the allegations, stated that it had fired several employees and initiated an investigation. Lazzarini affirmed that any UNRWA employee involved in acts of terror would be held accountable, including through criminal prosecution.

The United States announced on Friday that it would halt funding to UNRWA, citing allegations against 12 employees who “may have been involved” in the Hamas attack. Canada also temporarily paused additional funding pending a thorough investigation.

Western Nations Suspend UNRWA Funding, Drawing Criticism from Palestinians:- The Times of Israel

The UK joined the US in temporarily pausing future financial aid for UNRWA. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office expressed its appall at the allegations and emphasized the UK’s commitment to providing humanitarian aid while protecting Israel’s security.

Italy, Australia, the Netherlands, and Germany also announced freezes in funding while the investigation is ongoing. Israel, pleased with the countries that have halted support to UNRWA, expressed its intention to completely stop the agency’s operations after the Gaza conflict concludes.

Western Nations Suspend UNRWA Funding, Drawing Criticism from Palestinians :- The new arab


UNRWA was established in 1948 to provide support to Palestinian refugees forcibly displaced during the creation of the state of Israel. The agency supports nearly 6 million Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has pledged an urgent and comprehensive independent review of UNRWA in response to Israel’s allegations. The situation remains tense, with concerns about the potential humanitarian consequences in Gaza and the need for continued dialogue between involved parties.

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