Google Halts Android 15 DP1 OTA Downloads Due to Corruption Issue

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Google Halts Android 15 DP1 OTA Downloads Due to Corruption Issue

Google Halts Android 15 DP1 OTA Downloads
Google Halts Android 15 DP1 OTA Downloads


Subtitle: Android 15 DP1 OTA Developers Urged to Flash Factory Images Amidst Troubleshooting

In an unexpected turn of events, Google has temporarily suspended the availability of Android 15 Developer Preview 1 (DP1) OTA (over-the-air) images following reports of a corruption issue encountered by some users. The move comes after users attempting to sideload the Developer Preview 1 build faced a “Device is corrupted” message post-installation, prompting Google to take swift action.

Upon the launch of Android 15 DP1 last Friday, Google had acknowledged a potential issue with sideloading the OTA images, cautioning users about the risk of encountering the “Device is corrupted” error. While recommending the flashing of factory images as a preferred method for testing devices, Google initially considered the issue manageable, not constituting a significant hindrance.

However, in response to continued reports of users experiencing the corruption problem, Google has made the decision to withdraw the Android 15 DP1 OTA images from circulation. As of Monday morning, flashing a factory image remains the sole available option for those seeking to install the developer preview.

In an official statement, Google expressed concern over the potential disruption caused by the corruption issue, leading to the temporary suspension of OTA image downloads. The tech giant emphasized the need for further troubleshooting to address the underlying problem effectively.

Among the affected devices, the Pixel 7 Pro stands out, experiencing stability issues following the installation of Android 15 DP1. Despite the unexpected glitches, overall stability has been reported as satisfactory for a developer preview.

Despite the suspension of OTA downloads, Android 15 DP1 remains accessible through the flashing of factory images. However, with limited user-facing changes in DP1, Google advises against installation for non-developers at this stage. Users are encouraged to exercise patience and await the arrival of Beta 1 in April for a more refined experience, while Beta 3, featuring Platform Stability, presents a safer option for daily driver installations.

As Google works diligently to address the corruption issue plaguing Android 15 DP1, developers and users alike are urged to remain vigilant and stay tuned for further updates regarding the availability of OTA images and the resolution of the underlying technical challenges.

Stay tuned for more developments on Android 15 and its subsequent previews as Google continues to fine-tune the latest iteration of its popular mobile operating system.


FAQs: Android 15 DP1 OTA Developer Preview and Release Schedule

With the release of Android 15 Developer Preview 1 (DP1) and the announcement of its release schedule, developers and Android enthusiasts alike are eager to learn more about the upcoming update. Here are some frequently asked questions to guide you through the details:

Android 15 DP1 OTA


1. What is Android 15 DP1 OTA Developer Preview 1 (DP1), and when was it released?

  • Android 15 Developer Preview 1 (DP1) is the initial release providing insights into the key changes and improvements expected in the next major release of the Android operating system. It was released by Google in February.

2. What is the release schedule for Android 15 DP1 OTA Developer Preview and Beta versions?

  • Google has outlined a comprehensive release schedule for Android 15:
    • Developer Preview 1 (February): Initial baseline build focused on developer feedback.
    • Developer Preview 2 (March): Incremental update with additional features.
    • Android 15 Beta:
      • Beta 1 (April): Initial release for early adopters.
      • Beta 2 (May): Incremental Beta-quality release.
      • Beta 3 (June): First Platform Stability update with final APIs and behaviors.
      • Beta 4 and other final beta releases (July, August): Near-final builds for final testing.

3. When can developers and users expect the final release of Android 15 DP1 OTA?

  • The final release of Android 15 is anticipated around the time of the launch of Pixel smartphones, typically in the fourth quarter of the year.

4. Which devices are eligible for Android 15 DP1 OTA Developer Preview testing?

  • Android 15 Developer Preview is initially available for Pixel 6 series and newer models, including Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 6a, Pixel 7, 7 Pro, 7a, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet.

5. What are some key highlights of Android 15 DP1 OTA?

  • Android 15 promises improved user privacy security, performance enhancements, and advancements in photography experiences on Android phones. It also integrates generative Artificial Intelligence (gen AI) capabilities, aiming to extend to a wider range of Android devices beyond Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S series.

6. Will Android 15 DP1 OTA be rolled out to all eligible devices?

  • Yes, most phones launched in 2022 and 2023 are expected to receive the Android 15 update by the end of 2024 or early 2025.

7. How can developers sign up for Android 15 DP1 OTA Developer Preview?

  • Interested developers with eligible Pixel devices can sign up for Android 15 Developer Preview on the official Android developer page.

As Google continues to refine and develop Android 15, stay tuned for more updates and insights into the latest features and enhancements coming to the Android ecosystem.

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