Perspectives from Badaun on the Double Murder Case

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Perspectives from Badaun on the Double Murder Case

Date: 21 March, 2024

The shockwaves of the brutal murder of two Hindu children in Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun district are still reverberating across the nation. In the wake of this heinous crime, the villagers of the accused Sajid have voiced uncertainty regarding his involvement in the murders of Ayush and Ahaan. Some villagers even mentioned that Sajid had changed residences multiple times, adding layers of complexity to the investigation.

Perspectives from Badaun on the Double Murder Case


Journeying to Sakhanu village, approximately 13 kilometres from Badaun,  attempting to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Sajid and the shocking incident that transpired.

Dulichand, a resident of Sakhanu, revealed that Sajid’s family was not originally from their village and had relocated twice before. Initially residing in Kakrala and later in Uprala villages within Badaun, Sajid’s family seemed to have a transient history in the area. Dulichand mentioned that Sajid’s grandfather, Ghani, was known for his practice as a pharmacist, and there had been no previous instances of misconduct associated with the family at the local level.

Commending the administration under Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s leadership, Dulichand expressed satisfaction with the prevailing law and order situation in the region. He highlighted the significant Muslim population in the village, coexisting with Hindus, and recounted the challenges faced during the COVID-19 lockdown, including the influx of outsiders seeking refuge in the area.

A conversation with a Muslim resident of Sakhanu further underscored the prevailing ambiguity regarding Sajid’s culpability in the murders. The resident asserted that only Allah could ascertain the truth behind the killings, casting doubt on whether Sajid was indeed responsible or if another perpetrator was involved.

Local accounts revealed that Sajid’s family owned several shops in Badaun, typically operating until late evening. However, on the day of the crime, all shops closed early, with no activity reported at the time of the incident. The sudden closure of businesses and the family’s subsequent disappearance fueled suspicions of a larger conspiracy surrounding the murders.

Those familiar with Sajid and his brother Javed, who managed barber shops frequented by locals, described them as ordinary individuals who exhibited no signs of deviance. Despite being Muslims, they were known to wear Hindu sacred threads, and many family members bore names that did not overtly indicate their religious affiliation.

On the fateful evening of 19th March, Sajid, operating a barbershop in Badaun, allegedly perpetrated the gruesome murders of Ayush and Ahaan using a knife. Following the incident, Sajid fled the scene but was subsequently killed in a police encounter. His brother Javed, present during the murders, managed to evade authorities temporarily but was later apprehended on the 21st of March following intensive police raids.

The swift action taken by law enforcement, including the announcement of a reward for Javed’s capture, underscored the seriousness with which authorities approached the case. As investigations continue, questions surrounding the motive behind the murders and the extent of familial involvement remain unanswered.

FAQ: Perspectives from Badaun on the Double Murder Case

Q: Who were the victims of the Badaun double murder case? A: The victims were two Hindu children named Ayush and Ahaan.

Q: What is the current status of the case? A: Sajid, the primary suspect, was killed in a police encounter on the same day as the murders. His brother Javed, believed to be an accomplice, was arrested on the 21st of March.

Q: What are the villagers’ perspectives on the case? A: Villagers express uncertainty regarding Sajid’s involvement, citing the sudden closure of family businesses and their subsequent disappearance as suspicious.

Q: How has law enforcement responded to the incident? A: Police have conducted raids and announced a reward for the capture of Javed, indicating a proactive approach to apprehending the suspects and resolving the case.

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