Haryana Political Drama: Nayab Saini’s Victory in Floor Test Reshapes State Leadership

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Haryana Political Drama: Nayab Saini’s Victory in Floor Test Reshapes State Leadership


In a dramatic turn of events, the political landscape of Haryana witnessed significant upheaval as Nayab Singh Saini, the Lok Sabha MP from Kurukshetra, assumed the position of Chief Minister. Following a surprise move by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Saini swiftly undertook a floor test to ascertain the confidence of the assembly. The outcome of this test not only solidifies Saini’s leadership but also marks the end of Manohar Lal Khattar’s tenure as Chief Minister.

Haryana Political Drama: Nayab Saini’s Victory in Floor Test Reshapes State Leadership


Nayab Singh Saini’s Ascendancy

The political saga unfolded rapidly as Nayab Singh Saini, a prominent figure within the Other Backward Classes (OBC) community, met with Governor Bandaru Dattatreya to formally stake his claim to form the government. This move came in the wake of Manohar Lal Khattar’s resignation, following the collapse of the BJP-Jannayak Janata Party (JJP) alliance.

Expressing gratitude to key party leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President JP Nadda, Saini pledged to prioritize the development of the state. With the support of 48 MLAs, Saini exuded confidence ahead of the floor test scheduled for the following day.

The Turbulent Political Landscape

The dissolution of the BJP-JJP alliance raised questions about the underlying causes, with speculation rife regarding disagreements over seat allocations. Former Chief Minister Khattar acknowledged the demands made by JJP leaders concerning Lok Sabha polls seat allocation, suggesting a fracture within the coalition.

As anticipation mounted, opposition voices grew louder, with Congress leader Bhupinder Hooda asserting that the present government had lost its moral legitimacy. Advocating for the imposition of President’s rule followed by prompt elections, Hooda painted a picture of political instability in the state.

Key Moments from the Floor Test

The floor test unfolded amidst intense scrutiny and political maneuvering. Saini, buoyed by his support base, confidently addressed the assembly, portraying the impending vote as a mere formality. Meanwhile, JJP MLAs staged a walkout, reflecting the deep-seated tensions within the political arena.

As the proceedings unfolded, former CM Khattar resigned from the Karnal assembly seat, marking the end of an era. Despite challenges and opposition rhetoric, Saini emerged victorious, securing a vote of confidence through a voice vote.


The Haryana floor test not only solidified Nayab Singh Saini’s position as Chief Minister but also underscored the dynamic nature of politics in the region. With Khattar’s resignation symbolizing a changing of the guard, Saini’s administration faces the arduous task of steering the state towards prosperity amidst a backdrop of political turbulence.

FAQs: Haryana Political Drama: Nayab Saini’s Victory in Floor Test Reshapes State Leadership

Q: What led to the collapse of the BJP-JJP alliance in Haryana? A: The dissolution of the alliance was attributed to disagreements over seat allocations, particularly concerning Lok Sabha polls.

Q: How many MLAs supported Nayab Singh Saini in the floor test? A: Saini garnered the support of 48 MLAs, ensuring a comfortable victory in the confidence vote.

Q: What implications does Saini’s victory have for the political landscape of Haryana? A: Saini’s ascendancy marks a significant shift in power dynamics, signifying the end of Manohar Lal Khattar’s tenure and heralding a new era of governance in the state.

Q: What challenges does the new government face moving forward? A: The new government faces the daunting task of navigating through political turbulence while delivering on promises of development and prosperity for the people of Haryana.

Table: Haryana Floor Test Highlights

Time Event
4:56 PM IST Bhupinder Hooda asserts loss of moral legitimacy
4:29 PM IST Dushyant Chautala expresses confidence in efforts
3:52 PM IST Minister Kanwar Pal Gujjar claims support
3:07 PM IST Former CM Khattar resigns from Karnal seat
2:09 PM IST Saini-led government wins confidence vote
1:50 PM IST Confidence vote commences shortly
1:34 PM IST CM Saini expresses confidence in majority
12:35 PM IST JJP MLAs stage walkout
12:11 PM IST Congress MLAs initiate discussion
11:25 AM IST CM Saini moves confidence motion
11:08 AM IST JJP urges MLAs to remain absent from vote
10:07 AM IST CM Saini claims support of 48 MLAs

This comprehensive timeline captures the key moments leading up to and during the Haryana floor test, providing insights into the unfolding political drama.

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