“OnePlus Takes Swipes at Apple and Samsung, but Critics Question its Own Competitiveness”

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“OnePlus Takes Swipes at Apple and Samsung, but Critics Question its Own Competitiveness”

"OnePlus Takes Swipes at Apple and Samsung, but Critics Question its Own Competitiveness"
“OnePlus Takes Swipes at Apple and Samsung, but Critics Question its Own Competitiveness” :- One plus


In the aftermath of the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R launch event, where the company took a bold approach by highlighting flaws in competitors like Samsung and Apple, questions arise about whether OnePlus is doing enough to make its devices truly competitive.

The event, named “Smooth Beyond Belief,” occurred just a week after Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked launch of the AI-focused Galaxy S24 series. While OnePlus chose to kick off its launch by pointing out flaws in other devices, some critics wonder if this banter is just a distraction from OnePlus’s own challenges.

Host Ishita Grover started the event by stating, “We have seen a slew of typical complaints that have plagued our competitors,” displaying fourteen complaints about non-specific phones on the screen. These comments indicated where OnePlus intended to focus its efforts.

While no specific brands or models were named, comments like “Charges slowly with a 20 or 25W charger” could be directed at Samsung’s base model Galaxy S23, which features 25W charging. Similar comments could be aimed at Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max, which charges at a comparatively lower 27W. In contrast, OnePlus phones, like the OnePlus 12, have been known for their fast charging capabilities, offering up to 100W maximum charging.

Battery health issues and overheating problems were also mentioned, which could be veiled references to competitors like the iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy S22 series. OnePlus claims to address these concerns with its battery health engine and robust cooling systems.

While emphasizing the advantages of its new camera system, OnePlus took a stance against AI-centric photography, indirectly criticizing Samsung’s AI-focused Astrophotography features on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. However, the extent to which phone photos can be considered unmanipulated, given the prevalence of smart image processing, is debatable.

This launch event isn’t the first time OnePlus has pointed out its competitors’ flaws. The company previously took jabs at Samsung during a social media spat involving misidentification and blocking, showcasing a contrasting approach to customer interactions.

However, critics argue that OnePlus should focus more on improving its own devices rather than engaging in banter with competitors. While the playful interactions may appeal to some, others may find it less professional. OnePlus, once considered an underdog challenging flagship giants, now faces stiff competition, especially when compared to top-rated phones like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

In a market where top-tier phones consistently dominate, OnePlus may need to reevaluate its strategies to regain the spotlight. The current slings and arrows of criticism might be missing the mark, and a return to competitively priced smartphones with robust features could be the key for OnePlus to justify its critiques of others. As the smartphone landscape evolves, OnePlus must navigate its identity carefully to remain both an engaging alternative and a serious contender in the flagship arena.

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