Reliance Jio AirFiber pro and cons  A Comprehensive Analysis After 3 Months of Use: Jio AirFiber Review

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Reliance Jio AirFiber pro and cons  A Comprehensive Analysis Jio AirFiber review after 3 months use: Jio AirFiber Review

Reliance Jio AirFiber pro and cons
Reliance Jio AirFiber pro and cons :- GN


After three months of extensive usage, it’s time to dissect the performance and reliability of Jio AirFiber. Promising fast internet speeds and expansive coverage, Jio AirFiber aims to revolutionize home broadband connectivity with its 5G technology. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s delve into the pros, cons, and frequently asked questions surrounding this wireless broadband solution.

In Brief: Reliance Jio AirFiber pro and cons

Jio AirFiber has rapidly expanded its availability across hundreds of Indian cities, leveraging 5G technology to deliver wireless broadband connectivity. Installation and setup are handled by Jio technicians, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.


  1. Impressive Speeds: Jio AirFiber consistently delivers impressive internet speeds, surpassing the performance of traditional copper wire connections. With an advertised plan of 100mbps, users can expect average speeds ranging from 90-120 mbps, facilitating seamless streaming of high-definition content and smooth browsing experiences.
  2. Reliable Coverage: The Jio-supplied router offers robust coverage throughout the home, even with multiple devices connected simultaneously. Signal strength remains consistently strong, extending to remote areas of the house, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity across various rooms and floors.
  3. Seamless Device Integration: Jio AirFiber seamlessly integrates with multiple devices, accommodating the needs of households with numerous connected gadgets. Whether streaming content, conducting video calls, or browsing the web, users can rely on stable connectivity across their entire digital ecosystem.


  1. Unstable Connectivity: Despite its impressive speed and coverage, Jio AirFiber suffers from occasional stability issues that disrupt the user experience. Random interruptions, particularly during inclement weather conditions, result in momentary pauses or buffering while streaming content or conducting online activities.
  2. Network Optimization Challenges: The intermittent connectivity issues suggest underlying network optimization challenges, reminiscent of cellular network instability rather than true broadband reliability. While Jio acknowledges the issue, its resolution remains elusive, leaving users frustrated with the inconsistent performance.

FAQ: Jio air fiber speed test & download test and Should you buy Reliance Jio AirFiber

Q: Is Jio AirFiber a reliable alternative to traditional wired broadband?

A: Jio AirFiber offers competitive speeds and coverage, making it a viable option for users without access to traditional fiber broadband. However, its intermittent connectivity issues may deter those seeking a more stable internet connection.

Q: Does Jio AirFiber impose data usage limits?

A: Yes, Jio AirFiber is subject to a Fair Use Policy quota, limiting data usage to 1000GB. While this may suffice for typical usage patterns, heavy data consumers may encounter restrictions.

Q: Would you recommend Jio AirFiber based on your three-month experience?

A: Yes, Jio AirFiber presents a compelling solution for users with limited copper wire connectivity options. While it may not match the stability of wired broadband, its superior speeds and expansive coverage enhance the internet experience for many households.

Conclusion: Jio AirFiber review after 3 months use

In conclusion, Jio AirFiber offers a mixed bag of benefits and drawbacks, making it a nuanced choice for prospective users. While its impressive speeds and coverage elevate the internet experience, intermittent connectivity issues detract from its overall reliability. Ultimately, the decision to opt for Jio AirFiber hinges on individual connectivity needs and the availability of alternative broadband options.

jio fiber customer care FAQ

Reliance Jio AirFiber pro and cons :- palpalnewshub


1. How can I connect with Jio Fiber customer care?

You can connect with Jio Fiber customer care through various channels:

  • Chat: Visit the official website and chat with a representative.
  • Email: Reach out to Jio Fiber customer support via email at
  • Call: Dial the toll-free number 1800 896 9999 for Jio Fiber customers, available Monday to Sunday. For calls from other networks, dial 1800 88 99999, available Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 6 pm.
  • WhatsApp: Message “HELLO” to 70008-70008 on WhatsApp for assistance.
  • Mobile: Call directly at 7000770007 for general inquiries, and 7000570005 for JioFiber and JioAirFiber specific queries.

2. What are the operational hours for Jio Fiber customer care?

Jio Fiber customer care operates round-the-clock for Jio Fiber customers, seven days a week. For calls from other networks, assistance is available Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 6 pm.

3. How can I lodge a complaint with Jio Fiber customer care?

You can lodge a complaint with Jio Fiber customer care through multiple channels:

  • Call: Dial 1800 896 9999 for complaints, available Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm.
  • WhatsApp: Use the WhatsApp support numbers 70005-70005 or 70008 70008 for alternate support.
  • Chat: Utilize the live chat feature available on the official website.
  • Jio App: Access Jiocare: Help & support for live chat, WhatsApp chat, troubleshooting, how-to videos, FAQs, helpful tips, and to track requests or orders.

4. How can I reach Jio Fiber customer care for new business connections?

For inquiries related to new business connections, dial 1800 889 9555.

5. How do I escalate an issue with Jio Fiber customer care?

If you need to escalate an issue, you can contact the Jio Apellate Authority at 1800 889 3999. Additionally, you can utilize the email and chat support options for further assistance.

6. What should I do if I experience network issues or technical difficulties with Jio Fiber?

If you encounter network issues or technical difficulties with Jio Fiber, you can reach out to customer care for troubleshooting assistance. You can also lodge a complaint through various channels mentioned above to have the issue addressed promptly.

7. How can I provide feedback or share my experience with Jio Fiber customer care?

You can provide feedback or share your experience with Jio Fiber customer care by contacting them directly through email, chat, or phone. Your feedback helps Jio Fiber improve its services and address any concerns you may have.

Jio air fiber speed test & download test FAQ

1. What speeds can I expect with Jio AirFiber?

  • Jio AirFiber offers high-speed internet plans, with speeds ranging from 90 Mbps to 130 Mbps, depending on your subscription plan and network conditions. Users have reported consistent speeds exceeding their subscribed plan’s bandwidth.

2. How stable is the connection with Jio AirFiber?

  • Jio AirFiber provides a stable and reliable internet connection, as evidenced by users’ experiences in various locations within their homes. Even in areas farther away from the router, such as corners or different rooms, users have reported consistent speeds and stable connectivity.

3. How does Jio AirFiber compare to wired connections?

  • Users have noted that Jio AirFiber outperforms their previous wired connections, such as Excitel. The wireless nature of AirFiber does not compromise on speed or stability, offering a superior internet experience.

4. Do network speeds fluctuate during usage?

  • While some users have observed minor fluctuations in network speeds, particularly after midnight, these fluctuations have not rendered the network unusable. Overall, Jio AirFiber maintains stable speeds throughout most usage scenarios.

5. How does the Jio router handle multiple connected devices?

  • The Jio router demonstrates excellent performance even when multiple devices are connected simultaneously. Users have reported satisfactory network speed and stability, even with several smartphones, laptops, and home appliances connected to the router.

6. Is there a data usage limit with Jio AirFiber?

  • Yes, unlike some wired fiber connections, Jio AirFiber comes with a fair usage policy, supporting up to 1000GB of high-speed network bandwidth. Upon reaching this limit, the speed may reduce to 64kbps. However, users can monitor their data usage and manage their consumption accordingly.

7. How can I ensure optimal performance with Jio AirFiber?

  • To maximize your experience with Jio AirFiber, ensure that your router is placed in a central location within your home for optimal coverage. Additionally, regularly monitor your data usage to avoid exceeding the fair usage limit and maintain consistent high-speed connectivity.

Jio Fiber Customer Care Review : Should you buy Reliance Jio AirFiber

Over the past several days, users have shared their experiences and opinions regarding the customer care services provided by Jio Fiber. Here’s a compilation of reviews, highlighting both positive and negative feedback:

Jio Fiber Customer Care Positive Reviews:

  1. Prompt Assistance: Many users have praised Jio Fiber’s customer care team for providing prompt assistance in resolving their queries and issues. They appreciated the quick response times and efficient handling of their concerns.
  2. Professionalism: Several users commended the professionalism displayed by Jio Fiber’s customer care representatives. They noted the courteous and helpful attitude of the staff, which contributed to a positive interaction experience.
  3. Availability: Users have also lauded the availability of multiple communication channels offered by Jio Fiber’s customer care, including chat, email, call, and WhatsApp. This accessibility made it convenient for users to reach out for assistance whenever needed.

Jio Fiber Customer Care Negative Reviews:

  1. Poor Resolution Time: Some users expressed dissatisfaction with the resolution time for their complaints. They reported delays in addressing their issues, leading to frustration and inconvenience.
  2. Ineffective Escalation Process: A few users raised concerns about the escalation process for unresolved issues. They felt that their complaints were not adequately escalated or addressed, resulting in unresolved issues lingering for an extended period.
  3. Lack of Accountability: Several users highlighted instances where they felt that Jio Fiber’s customer care lacked accountability in addressing their concerns. They cited instances of unfulfilled commitments, unresponsive staff, and a lack of follow-up on complaints.

Overall Impressions:

While Jio Fiber’s customer care received praise for its responsiveness and professionalism, there were areas of improvement highlighted by users, such as the resolution time for complaints and the effectiveness of the escalation process. Despite the challenges faced by some users, many appreciated the efforts of Jio Fiber’s customer care team in assisting them with their queries and issues.

As with any service provider, experiences may vary, and it’s essential for Jio Fiber to continue striving for excellence in customer care to ensure a positive experience for all users.

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